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Holistic support 

Complementary therapy helps

  • to re-regulate

  • to master independently

complaints and problems

My therapy is based on

  • bodywork

  • Integrative conversation

  • Systemic work 

  • Somatic Experiencing

  • Cooperation with medical centers

Therapy in German, French, English 

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Cranio and Coaching

Cranio as a method brings body and mind into flow

  • relaxed nerves and muscles 

  • promotes blood circulation

  • stimulates metabolism and organs.

This allows feeling and thinking to work better, stressful experiences to be processed, and new space to be created for change. 


Complaints such as ADHD, burnout, crises, stress, trauma, psychosomatics and long Covid can be improved through targeted body work and the promotion of resilience.

A conventional medical basis is helpful, as well as a stabilizing environment. 

Find out more about the symptoms and what the therapy looks like. 


your therapist

I treat children from the age of 9, teenagers, adults, couples and seniors. I also welcome relatives and caregivers. 

I  have been accompanying people in their personal development for 19 years, I am recognized by health insurance companies and bill through supplementary insurance.

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