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Complaints in crises ?

  • helplessness, powerlessness, weakness, chaos, overwhelm, discouragement, hopelessness  
  • disoriented, lacking energy, depressed, senseless, uncomprehending 
  • Adjustment disorder, denial, social withdrawal, isolation, loneliness
  • problem-oriented, fear-oriented, sad, empty, depressed mood
  • "next to the shoes", denial, parallel world, lack of feeling, loss of reality 
  • Anger, bitterness, auto-aggression, suicidal thoughts

media on crises

  • The inner child needs to find a home.- The key to solving (almost) all problems. Stephanie Stahl. Kailash Verlag, 2015 

What is a personal crisis ?

Uncertainty dominates, problems and constraints block the way, and there are hardly any solutions in sight. Basic needs cannot be satisfied, perspectives and resources are lacking.
Possible triggers are:
  • ​dramatic change in life, puberty, upheaval,  maturation processes
  • Fate, serious illness, accident
  • Loss of partner, children, home, job, wealth, joy of life, visions, health, freedom
  • Loss of mental and physical abilities, childlessness, infertility 
  • Threat existential and emotional, catastropheexperience of violence

How is a crisis treated? 

Treatment depends on the cause of the crisis. Depending on the situation, it is about mourning, traumatic parts, a lack of love, recognition, freedom, belonging, a lack of acceptance or a lack of courage to change.

Prolonged crisis can trigger the same symptoms as chronic stress . To do this, we calm the vegetative nervous system, reduce tension and promote healthy resistance (resilience). 

For emotional suffering, Felt Sens Technique, SE Somatic Experiencing and Systemic Work, which holistically integrate missing parts, help. This takes time.

In the case of depression, acute anxiety and stress disorders, medical support is strongly recommended.  

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