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Complementary therapy can be used to accompany complex stresses, i.e. physical complaints with psychological effects in a difficult environment. Together we sort the areas of stress, both externally and internally, and begin to create ground (resources). 

If necessary, we coordinate the accompaniment with specialists from medicine or social affairs, as well as with important reference persons. Partners and family members are welcome.

This type of accompaniment requires your cooperation. We carefully and continuously clarify the difficulties, remove blockages and promote resilience. This can trigger a consciously experienced change (process), as well as a simple recovery. All that takes patience, especially with yourself.

I accompany you at eye level, respecting your injuries, strength and dignity. Complementary therapy is based on holistic medicine and the idea of respectful coexistence. 

Under and www.komplementä you will find a variety of additional information - be inspired. 


holistic accom-paniment

With the help of body therapy and conversation, you will learn how to better resolve and integrate stressful conditions in your body. The skills tooregulate  and free to Selectare the central tools I work with and practice with you step by step. This will enable you to master difficulties more independently in the future.
The following methods are used for holistic support: 
  • MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction - Reducing stress through mindfulness
  • SESomatic Experiencing   supports trauma processing
  • mourning and ritual work  helps to deal with the past
  • Systemic symptom work oriented in self-image
  • Coping Strategy + Inner Team  promote self-image, orientation, structuring 


Cranio therapy gets the vital functions of the body flowing. Particular attention is paid to the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) as well as the autonomic nervous system (activation and relaxation). The treatment is carried out cautiously, since the general condition and perception can change.
You lie clothed and relaxed, feel gentle impulses through my hands, which can also express themselves through a feeling of being held and of security. Depending on your concerns, I will accompany you in a calm dialogue. After a while, there can be a holistic feeling where you physically feel the importance of an issue. This is called "felt sense", means sensed understanding and is a holistic experience. This can help you to better regulate your perceived self-image and to reorient yourself.
What does the therapy include?
  • Medical expertise in anatomy and pathology
  • Biodynamic and osteopathic body work, embriology
  • Felt Sens technique - holistic body awareness
  • Neurovegetative Techniques
  • Working with neuroaffective resonance
  • Integrative interviewing with empathy and psychological understanding
  • Coordination with specialists (regarding diagnosis and medication) and with reference persons (partnership, family, friends, workplace)
When is therapy indicated? 
  • In the event of illness, physical and psychological complaints, pain, limitations
  • After an accident or incident and its consequences
  • When resilience and resources are insufficiently accessible to recover
Under www.craniosuisse.chsee more information about the method.


Coaching supports a targeted improvement in lifestyle. This can be after burnout treatment, with ADHD, stress or anxiety disorders, after an operation or childbirth, as a result of old age or a lack of integration, for example. for students, after Covid isolation, for migration etc. 

It is about recognizing problems early on, externally and structurally as a stressful situation, as well as internally and psychologically as fear or insecurity. In order to be able to act better, it needs enough time to bring good solutions within reach. These solutions can be positive beliefs, helpful behavior, good contacts and tools to organize yourself better.   

Coaching can be understood as an integrative learning process in complementary therapy, as well as independent advice without a therapy process, which is not reimbursed by supplementary insurance.

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